Body image is a perennial struggle for teenagers across the globe. With technology and social media readily accessible to nearly everybody, amplifying the message that only certain figures are ideal. BOOM’s goal is to fight these beliefs while simultaneously empowering teens to help them develop a positive body image.


BOOM aims to spread a culture of understanding and proud individuality by organizing and providing templates for others to organize events for children and adults.

Pilot Event

Grade 7

  • February 22, 2016
  • Union Middle School
      San Jose, California
  • Guest Speakers: High Schoolers & our Stories
  • Small Group Discussions

We brought a team of 8 high school juniors and seniors to lead a middle-school class in taboo-busting discussion.


BOOM has a simple goal: take a seldom-discussed issue that's ingrained in our culture and make it a topic for constructive discussion. We want kids, teens, and adults to reshape their perspectives of body image and embrace the idea of a fluid definition of "normal" — one that isn't exclusive or demeaning.

Everybody should be able to accept and empower themselves, and through events and global discussion, we aim to prove that.

About the Founder

Sophie Sharma is a student from Northern California. She enjoys going out with friends, playing volleyball, and eating various foods. Contact her at [email protected]

The Tech Guy

Although Jake has never been and probably will never become an employee of State Farm, he certainly is "there" when it comes to the tech. Jokes aside, Mr. Glass has a passion for social justice and the tools at his fingertips to turn ideas into reality (like this website, for example). Email him at [email protected]

Get Involved

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